• why carry it

    Its an everyday leash, but you may not use the hose everyday - its no heavier or more difficult to carry than a typical leash.

  • will the lead get wet

    It is waterproof and won’t leak, but generally during use it may and often does get wet.

  • my park has no taps

    That may be true, but they are often hidden in spots where you might not see them, have a good look around there there somewhere.

  • tap has no handle

    We supply tap adapters to use in this case, or they can be found at most hardware shops.

  • will it fit my tap

    its designed for the most common metric and imperial, 1 inch and 1/2 inch tap connections. This covers most taps in the USA and rest of the world

  • my dog hates the hose

    Most dog that hate the hose relate it to having a bath or getting a jet of water blasting them.

    Try starting with a really soft spray on there belles to get them adjusted to the feeling (its also the best place to extract heat) - we’ve found a lot of dogs end up really enjoying the experience

  • my dog hates water

    You don't ever have to use it as a hose, its as convenient as a normal leash to use, but in the event your dog or a friends dog overheats or gets heatstroke you know you can act quickly to protect them.

  • why is it 6 feet long

    it's long enough that you can get around all sides and angles of all sized dogs and we find that under many taps there is a mud puddle, so it’s long enough to stand a bit further away to keep them clean while you clean them.

  • my dog will chew it

    We have used the most durable materials on the market, but few things can stand up to those dog teeth! we suggest you keep the leash out of reach when not in use.

  • will there be more products


    We have plans to release a range of complementary products for dogs and their owners.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  • how do I use it

    As a leash - hold the loop handle, & connect the clip to your dog, just like a normal leash, and then if you need to use it as a hose just connect it to a tap and turn on the water.

  • is it strong enough for my pulling dog

    We have tested it extensively with our 30kg german shepherd who pulls with all her might. However, if your dog is a puller we recommend using a Halti or similar head harness to reduce the pulling strength.

    Once the leash is in production we will get the leash tested for warranty and guarantee.

  • is it safe to drink the water

    If it is safe to drink your tap water it’s safe to drink from the leash. The waterproof hose lining is made from food grade material.

  • can you hose other things


    Clean off your gumboots or hose off that poop you just stepped in, cool down after a run and rinse off your children.

    Keep one in the boot of the car to get the sand off your feet after a day at the beach.

  • prevent dogs from overheating

    Take pre-emptive action. By spraying your dog before and during exercising you can stop them going to find their own way of cooling down in the nearest mud.

  • non adjustable spray

    The spray pattern has been designed to most effectively penetrate dog’s fur without being harsh or unpleasant. You can control the strength of the spray at the tap.

  • whats the d-ring for

    The accessory d-ring - built into the leash's handle is to allow you to clip accessories as needed, or lets the leash clip to itself for easy wearing over the shoulder.

  • how to attach to the collar

    The snap-hook clip attaches to any dog collar, just like a normal leash.

  • will it fit tap adapters

    If your Hydroleash doesn't fit the tap you want to use, simply find a tap adapter at your hardware shop that will fit.

    The Hydroleash hook is designed to fit over the adapter.

  • how heavy is it

    The Hydroleash has been designed with weight in mind and at just 200 grams or 7 ounces

    the weight is comparable to a standard nylon leash at 170 grams or 6 ounces.




I’m a regular guy from Sydney who owns a four year old german shepherd. In her first summer, Wilma discovered mud puddles were a great way to cool down, and after that keeping her out of them was almost impossible. The only solution was to wet her down first to keep her cool. We started taking a short hose on all our walks, which also made it a whole lot easier if she went in the mud as we could wash her off on the spot.


Suddenly all our friends wanted to use the hose. Some dogs overheated quickly, some liked to roll on dead birds and others liked the mud as much as Wilma. It was so useful for lots of different needs that I thought there must be a way of making it a more convenient item to carry all the time.


A few years, a few more wrinkles and seven or eight prototypes later, we're here to show you what we've come up with...





Your dog really is your best friend. They are a big part of your life and your faithful companion. If you’re not at the park you’re probably walking to the local markets together or chilling out at the beach.


You’re practical about your dog - they might not be perfect, but they’re perfect for you. When you need to buy things for your dog you consider their health and well-being first. Quality and value are important.


You know your dog could be better behaved. They could always come when called. They could always sit when commanded. They could stop running into the mud or chasing the birds, but then you wouldn't see the pure joy them get from doing those things. The Hydroleash is designed with you and your dog in mind - so you can enjoy spending time with your dog without worrying about getting them in the car or the house later.


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